Blue Water and Big Sharks

Yesterday August 28th was a good one for us up here on Nantucket. Running 30 miles offshore we found a nice temperature break going from the high sixties into mid seventy degree water. This season has seen very warm water temperatures close to shore, and with that comes many different types of large fish. Finding blue water out there with a viz well over 50+ feet we had our fist shark fin on the water before chum was even put in the water. Within five minutes the first blue shark was on our bait. Within the hour we had up to ten blue sharks around the boat and they would stay there for the rest of the day. Sharks from nine feet down to five were swarming the blue waters around the boat paying us lots of attention. We also had a rare dusky shark come in and hang around, eating baits at will for over an hour. Other large fish we had around the boat were yellow fin tuna and a large mahi. Highlights of the day included cutting a heavy piece plastic wrapped around a blue sharks neck which could have proved fatal for the shark. With all this blue water, baitfish, and warm temperatures the season should stretch strongly into the fall. There is also the possibility of diving out east with whales and tuna which will become more of a focus. Stay tuned with more reports to follow.