Nantucket Shark Dive # 1

Having returned from South Africa it's time to swing full throttle into shark diving on Nantucket Island. Saturday July 26th marked the teams first shark trip offshore for the 2008 season. The waters around Nantucket are teaming with sharks this year for those willing to venture offshore. As usual the sharks were right there for us to jump in with. After arriving at "The Dump" we found a clear 30+ viz and signs of life in the form of sea turtles and baitfish. After setting up our slick we had a pup mako cruise by and snack on some baits. Quickly followed by a pack of blue sharks. All of the action subsided after an hour of good shark activity but picked up steadily after a short wait. A nice 150 lb. mako appeared right behind the boat and buzzed around us for the rest of the dive. Quickly after it's appearance a 7 foot blue shark arrived on the scene followed closely behind by a sandbar shark. To have three species of shark at once on a dive is a pretty remarkable progression for this open ocean location in the Northeastern United States. We have a lot of shark dives in the future, check back for updates!